Debt Collection for Smart Businesses

Challenging economic times in recent years have forced many consumers to make a choice between which bills to pay and which to leave outstanding until the next paycheck comes. That has led to an increasing number of household bills going unpaid, forcing some accounts into arrears and passed onto a debt collection agency to recovery the money owed, and causing many companies to reduce their budgets or raise rates at a time that is particularly painful for those they serve.

Sure Raza Debt Collectors understands the valid concerns on both ends of this problem, and our professional collections team will be sure to treat both our client and the debtor with a fair and amicable approach to collection. Our goal is to make sure that consumers can keep the lights on, or keep their water running, while knowing that they can make timely and sensible payments toward their past due account statements with their utility company.

We make sure to discuss every option with consumers, and we’re up-front when it comes to discussing the potential consequences of continuing to forego payment toward a past due balance. When choosing Sure Raza Debt Collections to collect overdue payments, our clients will enjoy a professional and ethical approach which delivers success:

  • Reasoned contact via phone and mail that encourages payment and addresses the situation, including responsibilities and outlined course of action.
  • Years of experience that bodes well when collecting a debt or negotiating other payment options.
  • An amicable approach to collection that encourages payment, rather than alienating consumers
  • A focus on maintaining the utility company’s reputation with its consumers

With the right focus on customer retention and debt collection, these past due bills can become a thing of the past. Consumers will be brought back into the fold with their utility company, and the utility company will maintain its high standing among those who use its services.

If you would like to speak to us with regards to any of our collection services, please feel free to contact us.